Programa de Acuicultura.

Aquaculture Program:

Research lines


Strategic Line I

Biology and Development of Technology for the Cultivation of Crustaceans

Responsible: Dr. Ricardo Pérez Enriquez

This research line is focused on technology development and innovation to strengthen shrimp cultivation in Mexico. Shrimp cultivation in our country is represented by a highly competitive industry which faces a variety of risks affecting its profitability and competitiveness. In this research line projects are developed in specialties including animal health, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, genetics, genomics and bioeconomy oriented towards reducing health risks, improving the nutrition and feeding, and increasing the productivity and eco-efficiency of the production processes.

Strategic line II: Biology and development of technologies for mollusk farming

  Responsable: Dra. Elena Palacios Mechetnov

Strategic Line III

Biology and Development of Technologies for Fish Cultivation

Responsible: Dra. Minerva Concepción Maldonado García

The objective of the research line "Biology and Development of Technologies for Marine Fish Cultivation" is to generate basic and applied knowledge through research in biological aspects of nutrition, reproduction, immunology, genomics and pathology, as well as cultivation systems and production of live feed.

The line is committed to the development of technologies for the production of marine fish as an alternative food source, collaborating directly with industry. Currently we are working with the Kampachi Farms Company cultivating jack (Seriola rivoliana) and the company Earth Ocean Farms, growing Pacific red snapper (Lutjanus peru). In this line we also have experience with other native species including grouper (Mycteroperca rosacea), snapper (Lutjanus sp) and snook (Centropomus sp). In the state of Nayarit, we are collaborating in the development of fresh water species, specifically tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).

Strategic Line IV

Plankton Biotechnology

Responsible: Dra. Bertha Olivia Arredondo Vega

The strategic research line "Plankton Biotechnology" focuses on the study, research and production of high-quality microalgae biomass in consistent quantities, from strains native to the country and to our region. Likewise, on the development of more efficient cultivation systems, not only for the production of live feed for species of importance in aquaculture, but also to obtain high-value-added products including high-quality protein, natural pigments, antioxidants, ω3 fatty acids, polysaccharides and nutraceuticals.

We have worked with companies interested in acquiring high-quality protein, raw material for biofuels (biodiesel) and antioxidants. In the medium to long run, this type of collaborations can have impact on the sectors of food, health, and energy.