Programa de Acuicultura.

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Strategic line II: Biology and development of technologies for mollusk farming
  Responsible: Dra. Elena Palacios Mechetnov

Operación del laboratorio de producción de semillas de moluscos por la empresa Marimex del Pacífico, S.A. de C.V.

Responsable: Dr. Humberto Villarreal Colmenares

Innovation and continuous improvement of products and processes to optimize oyster seed production of C. virginica in the laboratory

Responsable: Dr. José Manuel Mazón Suástegui

The project objective is development and evaluation of new homeopathic medicines and new bacterial products with probiotic potential in bivalve mollusks including Ostreidae, which may have potentially beneficiall effects in the American oyster C. virginica, increasing its resistance to stress and its immune system response to pathogens in adults, larvae and seeds.

Asistencia científica y técnica para la producción de semilla de la almeja Panopea sp.

Responsable: Dr. Pedro Cruz Hernández

Tabasco State Center for Oyster Technology

Responsible: Dr. José Manuel Mazón Suástegui

The project objective is to develop a prototype and and fixation process for mass production of oyster spat fixed onto "mother shells", from fixative larvae. The project includes development and validation of protoype units or remote fixation posts, in which a new fixation tank design will be used for the development of the technological process to assure obtaining the target product: oyster spat attached to shell.

Characterization of microbiota isolated from the digestive tract of the Pustulose ark clam (Anadara tuberculosa)

Responsable: Dr. Angel Isidro Campa Cordova

In this study we strive to isolate and characterize in vitro, cultivatable beneficial microbiota from the digestive tract of A. tuberculosa to determine the probiotic effect of the selected microorganisms in the cultivation of A. tuberculosa and of the Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), evaluating survival, growth and immune response.