Programa de Agricultura en Zonas Áridas.

Strategic Line 1

Organic Agriculture

Responsible: Dr. Rogelio Ramírez Serrano

Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity of Microbial Communities in Hypersaline Marine Environments and their Potential to Mitigate Saline Stress in Plants

Responsible: Dr. Rogelio Ramírez Serrano

Bacteria from saline environments have been isolated and are being identified, which allows estimating the phylogenetic and functional diversity, as well as the biotechnological potential of these microorganisms and their molecules. The information generated will help not only in the search for innovative biotechnologies of marine origin, but also to conceptualize the participation of marine bacteria in biological processes to mitigate saline stress in plants.

Analysis of the soil-plant-atmosphere system of crops with aromatic herbs under shade mesh by means of intelligent multivariate algorithms

Responsible: Dra. Alejandra Nieto Garibay

We are obtaining information on the soil-plant-atmosphere relationship and its effect on the physiological state of plants, to adapt them to the microclimate created under a shadow mesh system. We are also working on discovering which crops best develop within this type of systems to obtain better yields.