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Marine Dinoflagellate Collection


Strain distribution, deposit, and shelter procedure

CODIMAR is the first collection of its type in Mexico and we intend to make it well-known as a reference collection at the international level for studies of harmful dinoflagellates. The collection is non-profit, but income for maintenance and progress will be required. This is why strains have an economic value.

We reserve the right to restrict distribution of certain strains that are subject to ongoing research at CIBNOR, with the understanding that they will be available once the project is concluded and the results are published. Restriction information of the strains is indicated in the strain list.

Application for CODIMAR biological material or for storage is subject to the following regulations.


  1. Persons interested in CODIMAR biological material should contact the CODIMAR curator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  2. The form for applying for strains Abre nueva ventana should be received by electronic mail. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  3. Strains are available for national and Latin American academic sector for US$100 + shipping. For other foreign institutions, strains will cost US$110 + shipping.
  4. If the application is for harmful strains, a guarantee document from the applying institution should be included to certify that strains will only be used for research and with safety and scientific ethical measures.
  5. Instructions to pay for stains shall be sent by electronic mail to the applicant when the application is received and evaluated. If the applicant requires an estimate, it will be sent by electronic mail.
  6. Once the cost of the requested strains is paid and the deposit proof is sent, 10-20 working days will be required to ship the strains by messenger service and/or deliver personally as specified in the application format.
  7. All strains are maintained in liquid medium, and thus shall be sent in triplicate in plastic containers with screw top and packaged in thermal containers to minimize abrupt temperature changes. A delivery format Abre nueva ventana that includes general data of the strain and conditions under which it grew will be attached. It is difficult to guarantee strain survival during shipment, especially those that have unstable growth. We recommend using air messenger service or contact a colleague or friend who will travel to La Paz, Mexico and carry the strains when they return. In this last case, shipping expenses are not included. The name of the person who will be the courier and date the strains will be picked up should be sent to CODIMAR in advance. The strains shall be given to the courier after showing identification and proof of payment.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to resell, redistribute, or donate the strains acquired from CODIMAR to third parties.
  9. Products generated by the use of strains, should indicate origin and general information of the strain, including the code number and person who isolated it, with credits to CODIMAR of Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste.
  10. Creating a patent with CODIMAR strains is strictly prohibited.


  1. Strains of micro algae that are donated or deposited in CODIMAR should be available to the scientific community and should be organisms of scientific interest.
  2. Send the "CODIMAR deposit" Abre nueva ventana fully completed and sent to the Collection Curator, who shall be in charge of analyzing the feasibility of the application within a time frame of 10 days or less.
  3. If characteristics of the strain do not agree with the description indicated in the deposit application format, the paperwork will be automatically cancelled.