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Marine Dinoflagellate Collection



CODIMAR is housed in the Laboratory of Taxonomy and Ecophysiology of Marine Microalgae. Microalgae strains are sheltered in two controlled environment rooms used exclusively for this purpose. The facility has the following features.

  • Air conditioning
  • Controlled lighting system
  • Shelves with light lamps
  • Automated alarm system that signals abrupt temperature changes and faults in the cooling system

To maintain permanent collections of living strains and identify and establish new strains and their taxonomic character, CONDIMAR maintains laboratory materials, chemicals stocks, and the following equipment.

  • Carl Zeiss inverted microscope (Axiovert 100)
  • Olympus compound microscope (BX41)
  • ImagePro-PLUS 4.1 image analysis software system
  • MediaCybernetics CoolSNAP-Pro cf digital camera kit
  • LabTech laminar flux bell (LCB-0121V)
  • Whirlpool refrigerator (WD5003D)
  • REXMED gradient incubator(RIT-450)
  • Sterilizer
  • Thermo Scientific electric vacuum pump
  • ECOCELL laboratory oven