Programa de Planeación Ambiental y Conservación.

Coordinator: Dr. Alfredo Ortega Rubio


The Environmental Planning and Conservation Program has its mission: Contribute to conservation of the environment and sustainable development, through the generation of leading-edge knowledge, formation of specialized human resources and outreach to the academic, public, social and productive sectors, providing solutions for the rational management of natural resources for society's benefit.


At the 40th year of CIBNOR:

The Program has managed to have relevant impact, contributing with essential information, as well as carrying out processes required for the formulation and creation of Protected Natural Areas in the region including the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, the Sierra de La Laguna Reserve and the Revillagigedo Archipelago, along with information essential for the conservation of endemic or vulnerable species or those with some risk of extinction.

In 40 years the program has managed to position the CIBNOR in the region—and at national and international levels—as a source which generates qualified scientific and technological information, as well as for recommendations required by decision-makers at the municipal, state and federal level, to mitigate or repair impacts on the functional integrity of the ecosystems and watch over ecological equilibrium.

planeacion ambiental