Programa de Agricultura en Zonas Áridas.

Coordinator: Dr. Thelma Rosa Castellanos Cervantes


Our program's mission is to generate knowledge, form high-level human resources, and transfer the knowledge in a way that contributes to the socio-economic development of agricultural systems in arid- and semi-arid zones of the region and of Mexico.

Forty years of rigorous science, attending the sector's problems through systems of sustainable management.

Our research lines have been oriented to the development of agro-biotechnical strategies to strengthen leading-edge agriculture.
The program has successfully:

Transferred knowledge of good practices and in organic agriculture and crop safety, proposing new methodologies, processes and products associated with organic agriculture.

Carried out studies oriented towards the detection of phytopathogens in economically-important crops. We've provided solutions such as the suppression of viral-origin afflictions and the "chino del tomate" virus, identified defense mechanisms against phytoplasmas in coconut palms and implemented methodologies to manage post-harvest fungi.

Developed technology in comprehensive intensive agriculture production systems, both open-field and protected, fostering production factors for greater efficiency in the production of vegetables, forage and alternate species having low water demands and tolerance to environmental factors.

Carried out studies through diagnostic and sustainable-management models for water resources in interaction with climate for application in farming systems; developed research in species germplasm and propose conservation strategies of native plants with biotechnology potential which are adaptable to arid conditions.

In the area of microbial ecology, carried out proposals for the use of microorganisms as an alternative and complementary non-contaminating fertilizer.

Developed molecular tools to detect genetically-modified organisms, and for low-cost, easy-to-use diagnosis of infestations and disease.

Developed scientific research in vaccinology, immunology and biotechnological utilization of natural resources to improve animal health in production systems.

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